Let’s us Make this “The Year of The Woman 2020”

We are at another precipice of our lives in our war of reality and equality for women! One that we must win.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton lost the political race because of male domination and trickery. Plain and simple the men pulled out all of the tricks they knew even lying about her. But I’m not going to fight that war over again, here. Aren’t you glad about that?

My belief is that neither Vice President Joseph Biden, nor Bernie Sanders is the right person for President of the United States in 2020.

Rather take a better look at Elizabeth Warren. She came onto the stage with plans already to get set into place. And she spoke about them. However, Joe Biden spoke of what he has done before and yelled out that he was going after the NRA and others and pointed his finger at the camera and said so. Elizabeth did not do that, and until she does something similar it will probably be Biden in the oval office. No I do not want Joe Biden in the office, he’s been there before. And, I hear that he wants a Republican as his Vice President! That’s right you heard it on the airways as well. Biden has lost his mind, why invite a competitor into your office when that portion of our government has led us down the obstructionist path already into chaos?

Rather it’s Elizabeth’s turn, she has much more common sense than to have a direct competitor come into her office not to mention obstructionists. No doubt she will expect working across the aisle with Republicans to be another skill to learn, but she’s been in the aisles already and has accomplished a lot more than Bernie or Biden. We need to stand beside her much more than the women of the 2016 election did for Hillary. After all said and done we need Elizabeth much more right now, to get us out of more distractions that Trump will throw at all of us. She is just the person who can accomplish that task.

Blizzard of 2016 January 22, 2016

Business’ closed, drivers stayed off of the roads, no transportation services in Maryland or D.C.. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie R. Blake thanks citizens and city employees for their work done during the storm. Governor Hogan mobilizes all departments for public safety and asks for a State of Emergency declaration ahead of the storm. All in all a safe state of emergency for the population and business.

Hopefully all residents can take this time to regenerate themselves after the holidays and rethink their future responsibilities and life paths for our new year. It can be utilized to catch up on sleep, and rest and give us time to just be in the precious moments of our lives. Sometimes we tend to forget that living is the daily living of life and we do not appreciate ourselves and our partners in life and families enough on a daily basis.

Now can be the perfect time to mend fences with those we have trespassed over, those we have unknowingly hurt, and those intentionally hurt. Why, because we don’t always get enough down time to think deeply about our actions and those of others who have been hurt in our lives.

Be a Blizzard Helper

There comes a time in life to stand up for our families, stand up for inequality, stand up for people who can’t do it for themselves. We all need to take a stand against people who lie to us intentionally! To take a stand against those who would bully us or our families, coworkers on a regular basis is sometimes necessary. Sometimes it’s necessary to file charges against people who would do us harm mentally or physically. Everyones life is different, some of us have deeply committed family members who will stick up for our basic human needs and others do not. We all need to stand up and speak out when necessary and decide when to help our families lives to be better. But a word of caution you need to ask for their permission to do that if possible. If your friend or family member can’t do this themselves, then that is a different situation.

Equality Matters

That my friends is why equality matters in all aspects of life. You can make a difference in someone else’s life if you choose to. Life is your personal choice and what you do about your life or others determines how much of a good person you want to be or how many people you want to help out when the are in need.

If everyone in this country decided to help one person every three months toward a more productive lifestyle or a happier life think how much this country would be able to change for the better. But, that is up to you and me and everyone else you know to help change the world. Do you want to help change the world in a real time basis so that it will be a happier place to live in for everyone. The go ahead and really help someone else today in any way you can.

Make Blizzard 2016 a Better Year For You and Others

Let’s help make the Blizzard of 2016 a beginning to begin a new and better way of life for us all. You’ll feel better about life in general and become happier yourself.

Things to do to help someone:

  1. Offer to fix them dinner so you can have a conversation
  2. Offer to drive them somewhere, or drop them off
  3. Invite them to a meeting or event with close friends who are like minded
  4. Develop a buddy system of others who are interested in helping as well
  5. Do this for six months and gauge how many you have helped to change their lives around for the better, then do it all over again!

Doing Lots of Cursing Lately at Someone is Wrong on Any Day

It doesn’t make a difference if you are the CEO of a company, a foreman at a baking operation, or an angry husband! Cussing with nasty words that are derogatory or aimed at hurting someone’s feelings is wrong. I’ll say it again It’s wrong to use cuss words to hurt someone’s feelings, no matter who they are. It doesn’t matter if you are a football coach, another student at a school, a mentor to a student, or the wife or husband of someone you say that you love. It’s still wrong to say nasty things that are intended to hurt someone else no matter who you are or your work position.

You do not have the right to scream obscenities at anyone

No one has the right to yell, or scream curse words or obscenities at anyone else. No grandmother or grandfather has the right to demean one of their grandchildren by telling them to get the F— away from them. If you do that to anyone, I guarantee that they will say the same thing back to you within a few years. Stop hurling nasty curse words immediately, it’s wrong to treat a child in that manner or for that matter anyone else. If you are doing that under the influence of alcohol, or drugs it is that much more wrong because you are also disrespecting your own body. So, knock it off, now!

Do you deserve to be treated badly, or disrespected?

What you have to decide is if you want your family or working partners to respect you or not. If you are being disrespected you need to look inward first. Do you deserve to be disrespected? Are you doing or saying things that make people not like you and on purpsoe? Are you tearing other people down by being negative all of the time on purpose? Are you always calling people dumb asses, or stupid, or worse and in front of other people?

Stop It Immediately!

If you are doing these things it is time to Stop It Immediately! Your work life is just as important as your family life. Your accomplishments do not include insulting your employees no matter if that other person is your wife, or partner. That is not an accomplishment to insult someone else. In reality it makes you look like a complete failure because you can’t get that other person to do their work because they have lost respect for you.That is demeaning behavior and should not be tolerated by anyone. So when they yell back at you, or have stopped responding to you, you are in deep water and in danger of being relegated to the trash can or junk yard because of your behavior. Just like we do to other junk laying around the yard and being worthless.

Are you really sick with a terminal disease?

If your anger or sullen behavior is the result of having some terrible sickness that you have not told your family about, then it is time to fess up! That is a terrible thing to have to burden by yourself. But, it is still not an excuse to treat other people badly. Go get some help, ask at your doctor’s office. Talk to them about how to tell your family. There is help for all kinds of problems, but, you have to ask for the help!

Tips to get you out of that deep hole you have dug yourself into:

  • Early in the day, say something nice to the main person you have been tearing down lately, but say it nicely. Even if it is Good Morning!
  • Don’t say anything bad the entire rest of the day, don’t, no matter what is being said back to you.
  • Do this for an entire week, but only once a day.
  • Do not tell anyone else about this.
  • Give yourself a treat for being good everyday. Go out for lunch by yourself for an entire week
  • Get ahold of yourself early in the day and remember to say something nice to the rest of the employees as well the second week.
  • Once a week treat the entire office to lunch or at least the person you have been treating badly. Do it but don’t tell anyone about it, especially the person.
  • You must do this for at least three weeks.
  • During the fourth week people will begin to respond much better to you, but only if you have kept the faith and not said anything bad about anyone else.
  • Continue to be nicer to your staff or special person because they are responding to the vibes that you are putting out.
  • You are responsible for the feedback you get and no one else.
  • If you want professional business coaching go here

Herding Kittens Much Like Herding Creative Ideas that Then Speed Away from the Brain

Kittens are cute, jumpy little fluffy creatures who inspire you to try something different as they jump on everything, find themselves in corners or in bags that they then jump out of to make you laugh.

Creative Idea Percolating Inside

To me sometimes that is my brain with a creative idea percolating inside! If it makes me laugh it’s good. There is a new advertisement on TV for “Old Navy” coats. A policewoman stops a car of young people, makes them get out of the car and inspects how their coats zip up. She laughs at one of the young men as she zips up his coat and says I like how it’s hung. Then she tells them to turn around. as they explain the sale that is now going on. She takes off in the squad car and says she’s going to “Old Navy” to shop. That was a good commercial. No I didn’t write it, but wish I had.

Write With a Twist

But those kind of things that happen make you want to write with a twist and humor which will get any publishers or advertisers attention. One year Progressive insurance even burned Flo at the stake for knowing too much. They caught a lot of flack for that one because they had effectively killed “Flo”  their golden egg character whom almost everyone likes. Big mistake fellows!


Herding cats can be hazardous to your health. Cats will run to you like crazy teens running to a movie star, but, only if you shake the bog of crunchy kibble cat food. Maybe some will respond to a whistle, but not all. Not everyone will respond to a whistle, now remember that one. You have to give your clients something to whistle about for their product to be recognizable, fun and memorable. You don’t have to use sex either all the time as these previous ads didn’t, rather humor was way more effective.

The Brain Can Only Hold so Much Horror and Violence in Nightime Drama TV Police Series

You must give people more than that all of the time. Remember the male brain doesn’t mature until the age of 25 so researchers say. After the Sunday football games, basketball, and soccer are over, which commercials are going to be remembered? Your writer needs to be customer smart in an intelligent manner in order to influence the older and attract newer clients. After the sports games are over fans will run out of the doors much like herding cats will do when released. What will the fans remember about your ad that has just been written? Don’t use victims in your advertisements please. It makes you look like a Neanderthal! No high pitched- screams, no blood dripping on a wall! And no polititicians spouting half truths.

They have killed off Flo their number one best representative for their company!

What sets Progressive insurance apart from other insurers?

Well, there isn’t much anymore.


Well, for one they have killed off Flo their number one best representative for their company!

What, you yell at me! Yes, it’s true and they showed it on Television, so I know it’s true.

Flo of Progressive insurance fame has been killed off. The powers that be at Progressive executives have succumbed to the right wing male ego who want to take abortion right away from everyone and, if it’s a woman kill her, especially if she is a success at anything.

What Progressing is forgetting

What they are forgetting is that the Progressive sales professional Flo has been a rounding success at the numbers game. She is like the Aflac duck for God’s  sake.

Who is the moron that signed off on this commercial?

Not only do they kill her off in their latest commercial, but, they burn her at the stake. How moronic is that, they must believe that she has been a witch. Which puts me in the mind of women haters worldwide. Don’t dare a woman do something really good, but then call her a witch and burn her at the stake because of it. Who is the Moron that signed off on killing Flo?

You have lost face with all of your women buyers

That is not funny, nor is it entertaining guys. You have truly lost your way by going with  the right wing group of republican women haters that seems to pervade our society. You have lost face with all of the women who buy their own insurance and their families.

By disrespecting your “number one ad personality a woman named Flo” you will lose out big time, women will stop buying insurance from you because in disrespecting her you have disrespected them!

It does not matter that your company has the highest rated services in the industry. What matters is now your company is just like the other women haters in America by disrespecting your “number one ad personality a woman named Flo”, a character that people like and respect. Lets see where you rate in the next six months?  Does that mean you no longer respect all of the women who buy insurance from you? Or that Flo has done something wrong, or that you found a flaw in Flo?

“you have killed the golden goose who lays the golden eggs”

Or, have you just flown the coup over to the extreme right wingers of this nation who daily continue to go against their own wives and mothers? Could be that “you have killed the golden goose who lays the golden eggs”.

Photography and Publishing Services

Celebrating at the Club

The Knaus Combs Wedding at Drum Point Club in Lusby, Maryland

Photography Services for all Blending Families and Travel

If you are planning a wedding, or family celebration this is the photographer to choose. I specialize in photojournalist style functions, usually in natural light settings.

Happy Fathers Day From the weddings to the newest grandchildren fun was had by all. Services include putting together slide shows like this for your family.


Wedding Planning begins at $1500.00 depending on needs

Wedding Photography starts at $ 1,500. for small weddings on up to $10,000.00 depending on what you want and need.

Wedding venues are your responsibility as far as booking goes. We will make recommendations for other services. We work by contract only and a deposit is required additional details available when we meet.
Email to confirm your date and work out your detail

Stock Photography provided

Puerto Rico Post Office

Guard Kitty at the Puerto Rico Post Office

Spring in Annapolis, Maryland 2015

Spring in Annapolis, Maryland 2015

When you need photography for one of your publications, call 443-942-0096, or email dk@dianeknaus.com. Thank you. Please retweet or forward.

You can order stock or we can set up a shoot to customize what you need for your publication or shoot.

Lists of stock:

Annapolis waterfront shots, historical buildings,sunrises, sunsets, Chesapeake Bay  fishermen, markethouse, Reynolds tavern, Maryland Inn, brick walkways, Naval Academy graduation shots, July 4th fireworks, etc.

Copy and Content Writing Services

Let diane knaus rite your copyWhile you are sitting at the beach communing with the seagulls taking their morning sunbath, and you with your coffee, get Diane Knaus to write your copy for you.

Publishing Services:

  • Copy and content writing
  • Sales letters short and long
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  • Advertising copywriting
  • Web design
  • Photography as wall art
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  • Over 14 years experience with newspapers, magazines in Maryland and Canada. Many front page placements for articles and photographs.

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Diane has over fourteen years experience in publishing for magazines, and newspapers from Maryland to Ontario Canada.


Tony Teano 
Experienced director, coordinator, and professional staff member in education, government, & nonprofit administration.

A well-informed, resourceful humanitarian, Diane Knaus has always impressed me with her vision to identify practical solutions to address important community and business issues. An affable, sincere servant-leader with a result-oriented mindset, Diane readily collaborates toward effective change.

Judi Bailey
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I have worked with Diane in a number of groups and through professional projects and have found her to be quite resourceful. She is punctual, pleasant and highly intelligent. Diane is not afraid to work outside the box and has created an extensive website that gives effective service to people by providing information and contacts. Re:www.911info.net

Senior Specialist, IS Governance at Bell

Diane is an extremely dedicated, ethical and non-discriminatory individual who provides information to the public that may be used for guidance for particular individual needs. She has the ability to recognize needs, assess situations and take actions to bridge the gap. Re:www.911info.net

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