TV’s Parenthood Finale

The best televised family series ever!

Taking into account all of our vulnerabilities, the show consistently met family values of patience, honesty, and genuine love. The cast had much respect for one another and even projected that love throughout the episodes.

Extend the storyline

I even wish there was a way to extend it because the cast and writing was so good. There were many issues that were brought out and discussed, for instance what happens when a service veteran comes home from war. How does he feel, how does he react to love, is he able to function right away, will he respond to responsibilities. It is extremely important for us to think about someone else besides ourselves because that is what gives us humility and an understanding of others.

Television at it’s best

The writers who came in and worked to bring us the important stuff are awesome. This is the best type of family drama that we will ever see because it brings the family together and shows what is possible when things are taken one at a time and what possibilities can happen.

The relationships between Bonnie Bedelia and Dad, showed them as they reached maturity and she wanted to travel and do different things, while he became stuck at home and he realized how much he really did love her. The show explored his dependence on her and her interest of outside things like art and travel while still loving him and their family. Yes, I know it’s a television show and not reality, but there are families like that. We need more experiences and families like that to be able to explore new things in their lives without threatening real life.

Death and Suspense

Other television shows give us death and suspense, and violence against women big time. I am so sick of them that I preview those shows and do not watch them. However there are a few exceptions where the detective shows get the perps and put them in jail.

A Woman as President

New series this season includes one that actually portrays a woman as President of the U.S.. It offers good substance and the triumph of good over evil with the President in difficult situations. It doesn’t hurt that the storyline includes a white woman her son had married (President and son and husband is black)  and now the son is dead makes the story more interesting.

Chicago Fire

Others that provide more substance than violence like the firemen of Chicago Fire use their vulnerability to make the feelings and situations real.

A better tv season

All in all we have a better tv season. But also offerings like Grimm that is totally evil against good and yet the good seems to be triumphant amidst the real gorey parts can be interesting. It is not my taste of entertainment at all, but I have watched it only a couple of times because I can’t endure gore.


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