Copy and Content Writing Services

Let diane knaus rite your copyWhile you are sitting at the beach communing with the seagulls taking their morning sunbath, and you with your coffee, get Diane Knaus to write your copy for you.

Publishing Services:

  • Copy and content writing
  • Sales letters short and long
  • Customer Value Optimization – CVO
  • B2B projects
  • Advertising copywriting
  • Web design
  • Photography as wall art
  • Travel photography
  • Blogging
  • Newsletters
  • Video content writing headlines
  • Over 14 years experience with newspapers, magazines in Maryland and Canada. Many front page placements for articles and photographs.

Please email to tell us your needs, click here or leave a message 443-942-0096 we will call you within 24 hours.

443-942-0096     443-942-0096     443-942-0096     443-942-0096

Publisher of:

Diane has over fourteen years experience in publishing for magazines, and newspapers from Maryland to Ontario Canada.


Tony Teano 
Experienced director, coordinator, and professional staff member in education, government, & nonprofit administration.

A well-informed, resourceful humanitarian, Diane Knaus has always impressed me with her vision to identify practical solutions to address important community and business issues. An affable, sincere servant-leader with a result-oriented mindset, Diane readily collaborates toward effective change.

Judi Bailey
Owner of author48 writing

I have worked with Diane in a number of groups and through professional projects and have found her to be quite resourceful. She is punctual, pleasant and highly intelligent. Diane is not afraid to work outside the box and has created an extensive website that gives effective service to people by providing information and contacts.

Senior Specialist, IS Governance at Bell

Diane is an extremely dedicated, ethical and non-discriminatory individual who provides information to the public that may be used for guidance for particular individual needs. She has the ability to recognize needs, assess situations and take actions to bridge the gap.

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