Herding Kittens Much Like Herding Creative Ideas that Then Speed Away from the Brain

Kittens are cute, jumpy little fluffy creatures who inspire you to try something different as they jump on everything, find themselves in corners or in bags that they then jump out of to make you laugh.

Creative Idea Percolating Inside

To me sometimes that is my brain with a creative idea percolating inside! If it makes me laugh it’s good. There is a new advertisement on TV for “Old Navy” coats. A policewoman stops a car of young people, makes them get out of the car and inspects how their coats zip up. She laughs at one of the young men as she zips up his coat and says I like how it’s hung. Then she tells them to turn around. as they explain the sale that is now going on. She takes off in the squad car and says she’s going to “Old Navy” to shop. That was a good commercial. No I didn’t write it, but wish I had.

Write With a Twist

But those kind of things that happen make you want to write with a twist and humor which will get any publishers or advertisers attention. One year Progressive insurance even burned Flo at the stake for knowing too much. They caught a lot of flack for that one because they had effectively killed “Flo”  their golden egg character whom almost everyone likes. Big mistake fellows!


Herding cats can be hazardous to your health. Cats will run to you like crazy teens running to a movie star, but, only if you shake the bog of crunchy kibble cat food. Maybe some will respond to a whistle, but not all. Not everyone will respond to a whistle, now remember that one. You have to give your clients something to whistle about for their product to be recognizable, fun and memorable. You don’t have to use sex either all the time as these previous ads didn’t, rather humor was way more effective.

The Brain Can Only Hold so Much Horror and Violence in Nightime Drama TV Police Series

You must give people more than that all of the time. Remember the male brain doesn’t mature until the age of 25 so researchers say. After the Sunday football games, basketball, and soccer are over, which commercials are going to be remembered? Your writer needs to be customer smart in an intelligent manner in order to influence the older and attract newer clients. After the sports games are over fans will run out of the doors much like herding cats will do when released. What will the fans remember about your ad that has just been written? Don’t use victims in your advertisements please. It makes you look like a Neanderthal! No high pitched- screams, no blood dripping on a wall! And no polititicians spouting half truths.

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