Blizzard of 2016 January 22, 2016

Business’ closed, drivers stayed off of the roads, no transportation services in Maryland or D.C.. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie R. Blake thanks citizens and city employees for their work done during the storm. Governor Hogan mobilizes all departments for public safety and asks for a State of Emergency declaration ahead of the storm. All in all a safe state of emergency for the population and business.

Hopefully all residents can take this time to regenerate themselves after the holidays and rethink their future responsibilities and life paths for our new year. It can be utilized to catch up on sleep, and rest and give us time to just be in the precious moments of our lives. Sometimes we tend to forget that living is the daily living of life and we do not appreciate ourselves and our partners in life and families enough on a daily basis.

Now can be the perfect time to mend fences with those we have trespassed over, those we have unknowingly hurt, and those intentionally hurt. Why, because we don’t always get enough down time to think deeply about our actions and those of others who have been hurt in our lives.

Be a Blizzard Helper

There comes a time in life to stand up for our families, stand up for inequality, stand up for people who can’t do it for themselves. We all need to take a stand against people who lie to us intentionally! To take a stand against those who would bully us or our families, coworkers on a regular basis is sometimes necessary. Sometimes it’s necessary to file charges against people who would do us harm mentally or physically. Everyones life is different, some of us have deeply committed family members who will stick up for our basic human needs and others do not. We all need to stand up and speak out when necessary and decide when to help our families lives to be better. But a word of caution you need to ask for their permission to do that if possible. If your friend or family member can’t do this themselves, then that is a different situation.

Equality Matters

That my friends is why equality matters in all aspects of life. You can make a difference in someone else’s life if you choose to. Life is your personal choice and what you do about your life or others determines how much of a good person you want to be or how many people you want to help out when the are in need.

If everyone in this country decided to help one person every three months toward a more productive lifestyle or a happier life think how much this country would be able to change for the better. But, that is up to you and me and everyone else you know to help change the world. Do you want to help change the world in a real time basis so that it will be a happier place to live in for everyone. The go ahead and really help someone else today in any way you can.

Make Blizzard 2016 a Better Year For You and Others

Let’s help make the Blizzard of 2016 a beginning to begin a new and better way of life for us all. You’ll feel better about life in general and become happier yourself.

Things to do to help someone:

  1. Offer to fix them dinner so you can have a conversation
  2. Offer to drive them somewhere, or drop them off
  3. Invite them to a meeting or event with close friends who are like minded
  4. Develop a buddy system of others who are interested in helping as well
  5. Do this for six months and gauge how many you have helped to change their lives around for the better, then do it all over again!

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