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las_vegas,nevada,sunrise47Las Vegas Nevada photo by Diane Knaus

Diane Knaus PublisherI started out my writing career after a bad car accident which laid me up for four months. Crushed vertebrae in my back and my doctor told me 4 months of bed rest at minimum would heal me. Umph, not what I wanted to hear at all. It happened after a party on a hot Sunday summer night. No, I had not been drinking thank you very much. LOL only swimming in a friends pool celebrating her birthday.

Old Station Wagon

My old white beat up station wagon got me to where I needed to go, but the brakes had been real squeaky the week before. I left the party early because I wanted to get home before dark. About five minutes later I was coming to an intersection on a busy road. I knew I had to slow down because I didn’t want to have an accident and hit someone else’s car because I couldn’t slow mine down enough to make the intersection or maybe not be able to stop my car. As I slowly put my foot on the squeaky brakes there was no push back, ugh could I make it or not? No brakes at all, no choice at all either. Couldn’t go to the right, houses there.

Into the Trees

Decision,  go to the left it was a field of trees. I could feel the weight of the car as I turned the wheel towards the other side of the road into the trees hoping to sideswipe them to stop the car. “Oh God it’s not my time yet, I have children to raise”  I  thought as I threw myself away from the steering wheel so I wouldn’t get pinned by it. Then there was nothing, silence, no sound, I blacked out.

The next thing I remember was a couple of firemen working with their famous Jaws of Life tool telling me to cover myself with a jacket so I wouldn’t get glass in my face as they cut me out of my old, white, beat up station wagon. At that point I didn’t care if I got glass on me or not, I was thankful to be alive.

In the Hospital

After a day in the hospital, everything checked out and no other major injuries except my crushed vertebrae. I could go home the doctors said. But, no dancing, or scrubbing the floors, bed rest and come back in a months time for a checkup., then four months for a full recovery.  Whew! I was relieved, no hitting another car or anyone else hurt and no major injuries, or broken bones.

Two Children

My two children at that time were about nine and ten years old. A friend of mine took them for a few weeks to care of them. I went with another friend so she could take care of me for a couple of weeks until I could go home and move around a little bit. I was then and still now am grateful to my friends and the doctors who helped me out in that situation.


During that recovery timeframe was when I decided to become a writer, and to somehow get into it. Yes, I said my prayers for recovery, and prayers of thanks for the help I had. A friend of mine came over and built  a bookshelf in my bedroom so I wouldn’t have too far  go to get a book if I needed one. He did a great job, I always loved that bookcase.

Longer story is involved but I’ll keep this a little short. I started out writing for a small community newspaper after that and I grew into selling advertising for them, then other small papers came along and I was off and running into the newspaper business, writing articles taking pictures for the local natural health newsletter in Annapolis, Maryland.  Not too long after that I started my own tabloid health related paper “FEELING GREAT” which I published until 1987 also in Annapolis, Maryland.

Published Articles

I have written for The Bay Times Weekly, Chesapeake Children, The Severna Park Voice in Annapolis area. In Canada for The Scoop newspaper, The City Times, and Old Autos in Windsor, Ontario. Photographs were supplied for all.

Online Writings

In 2002 I started the online newspaper http://www.911info.net after the 911 tragedy in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. It is still online and has photographs in galleries section and a blog as well. Politics has been a focus of my writings on the blog.

herding kittens

six weeks old herding kittens


Photography I’ve had four one woman shows in Annapolis, Maryland. It’s probably time for another one at this point.  I organized two artist shows in Windsor, Ontario Canada while I lived there for two years. Wrote a screenplay while there and two since being back in the Anne Arundel County area.

President Clintons inauguration

President Bill Clinton’s inauguration


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