Six Photography Tips I Learned From A Wildlife Photographer You Can Use Anytime, Anywhere

Great tips for travel photos.

The Insatiable Traveler

(I chose to show this leopard with his kill in the tree to underscore him as a predator) (I chose to show this leopard with his kill in the tree to underscore him as a predator)

Photographing wildlife in Africa is a unique experience, but what I discovered about photography when I shot with professional wildlife photographer Gerry van der Walt, director of Wild Eye, and his team in Kenya this past September was surprisingly universal. Whether in the bush or in your own backyard, you can use these six tips anywhere, anytime.

1. Ask yourself: What’s the story I want to tell?
One day on safari I asked Gerry the best way to shoot a scene, and he replied, “Why are you picking up your camera?” At first the question stumped me. Wasn’t it obvious? There was a huge leopard in front of the jeep. Gerry smiled and said, “If you think about the actual reason, the story you want to tell, you will be…

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Copy and Content Writing Services

Let diane knaus rite your copyWhile you are sitting at the beach communing with the seagulls taking their morning sunbath, and you with your coffee, get Diane Knaus to write your copy for you.

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Publisher of:

Diane has over fourteen years experience in publishing for magazines, and newspapers from Maryland to Ontario Canada.


Tony Teano 
Experienced director, coordinator, and professional staff member in education, government, & nonprofit administration.

A well-informed, resourceful humanitarian, Diane Knaus has always impressed me with her vision to identify practical solutions to address important community and business issues. An affable, sincere servant-leader with a result-oriented mindset, Diane readily collaborates toward effective change.

Judi Bailey
Owner of author48 writing

I have worked with Diane in a number of groups and through professional projects and have found her to be quite resourceful. She is punctual, pleasant and highly intelligent. Diane is not afraid to work outside the box and has created an extensive website that gives effective service to people by providing information and contacts.

Senior Specialist, IS Governance at Bell

Diane is an extremely dedicated, ethical and non-discriminatory individual who provides information to the public that may be used for guidance for particular individual needs. She has the ability to recognize needs, assess situations and take actions to bridge the gap.

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Making Changes is Paramount to Getting Ahead


Stop the habit

Save your life, stop that bad habit.

We all want to get ahead, right? The first thing we need to decide is what we are willing to let go of. Yes, changing ones life is about letting go of what is not working, but also having the courage to make a change in your habits. I can’t tell you how many times I have done that, but you already know that is one of the hardest things to do in life. But, we must do it and I am serious about that if you know me at all.

It takes courage to make changes

Making changes is paramount to getting ahead in any endeavor whether it is personal or business change, doesn’t matter. You can call it growth for new success, or letting go of personal fear, but, you must do it, make that minor change in order to get to a better life.

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut complaining about what other people are doing or not doing. But, we control ourselves everyday in every way. Suck it up and get started, this is your kick in the pants, now just go out and do it.

Respect Your Personal and Work Life Obligations

If you are often late for family functions, or to work, set an alarm earlier to make sure you make a good attempt to honor your commitments. Be on time that shows that you respect your obligations and the people around you. At work it even means you respect your boss, or position at work. Otherwise you might lose your job. Come on shake it up, work on being better day to day. Do the work to advance the change you really want.

Number 1. Save yourself some money, 

Stop procrastinating, don’t call the food take out palace, go to the store and buy your own ingredients for a meal. Fix it yourself, you will get more for your money because depending on what you are cooking most likely you will get double to amount of food for the same price as takeout (sometimes three times the amount).

Eat healthier

If you are on a diet, change one thing a week, cut out sugars. Use natural sugar instead of regular. Stop drinking soda, immediately, especially diet soda. Diet soda is killing people and they don’t know why they feel bad. It is extremely bad for your kidneys. Drink herbal teas, black and green teas are great for your body. Don’t stop drinking coffee, it’s really good for you, but don’t overdo it. Four cups a day is great if you can handle that. Stop adding the high calorie creamers, check the labels when buying them in the store. Use natural sugar, not the blue or pink sugars. The pink and blue packages are just another diet no no because they do more harm than good, like diet sodas.

Stop smoking there are 7000 chemicals in each cigarette

Each one of those chemicals are toxic to your body. Do you really want that inside of you?

According to the American Lung Association

Here are a few of the chemicals in tobacco smoke, and other places they are found:

  • Stop the habit

    Save your life, stop that bad habit.

    Acetone – found in nail polish remover

  • Acetic Acid –  an ingredient in hair dye
  • Ammonia – a common household cleaner
  • Arsenic – used in rat poison
  • Benzene – found in rubber cement
  • Butane – used in lighter fluid
  • Cadmium – active component in battery acid
  • Carbon Monoxide – released in car exhaust fumes
  • Formaldehyde – embalming fluid
  • Hexamine – found in barbecue lighter fluid
  • Lead – used in batteries
  • Naphthalene – an ingredient in moth balls
  • Methanol – a main component in rocket fuel
  • Nicotine – used as insecticide
  • Tar – material for paving roads
  • Toluene – used to manufacture paint