They have killed off Flo their number one best representative for their company!

What sets Progressive insurance apart from other insurers?

Well, there isn’t much anymore.


Well, for one they have killed off Flo their number one best representative for their company!

What, you yell at me! Yes, it’s true and they showed it on Television, so I know it’s true.

Flo of Progressive insurance fame has been killed off. The powers that be at Progressive executives have succumbed to the right wing male ego who want to take abortion right away from everyone and, if it’s a woman kill her, especially if she is a success at anything.

What Progressing is forgetting

What they are forgetting is that the Progressive sales professional Flo has been a rounding success at the numbers game. She is like the Aflac duck for God’s  sake.

Who is the moron that signed off on this commercial?

Not only do they kill her off in their latest commercial, but, they burn her at the stake. How moronic is that, they must believe that she has been a witch. Which puts me in the mind of women haters worldwide. Don’t dare a woman do something really good, but then call her a witch and burn her at the stake because of it. Who is the Moron that signed off on killing Flo?

You have lost face with all of your women buyers

That is not funny, nor is it entertaining guys. You have truly lost your way by going with  the right wing group of republican women haters that seems to pervade our society. You have lost face with all of the women who buy their own insurance and their families.

By disrespecting your “number one ad personality a woman named Flo” you will lose out big time, women will stop buying insurance from you because in disrespecting her you have disrespected them!

It does not matter that your company has the highest rated services in the industry. What matters is now your company is just like the other women haters in America by disrespecting your “number one ad personality a woman named Flo”, a character that people like and respect. Lets see where you rate in the next six months?  Does that mean you no longer respect all of the women who buy insurance from you? Or that Flo has done something wrong, or that you found a flaw in Flo?

“you have killed the golden goose who lays the golden eggs”

Or, have you just flown the coup over to the extreme right wingers of this nation who daily continue to go against their own wives and mothers? Could be that “you have killed the golden goose who lays the golden eggs”.


Starting Life Over


It occurs to me that somewhere in my 70’s I should be able to start over again for the umpty umph time, LOL. The ever changing world gives you different challenges as the days turn to black nights to migraines, to bizarre dreams and lovely light mornings to brew your coffee and drink it in a comfortable chair near a sunlit window. Another day, a newer beginning. We all have that chance so many times in our lives. It is indeed what we choose to do with our new day that makes the difference in our happiness.

Happiness You Choose it

Happiness by the way is something that we choose for ourselves. You choose it, I chose it ,our mothers choose it on many different days of our lives. But, happiness can be counted in moments, hours, days, weeks even, it all depends on how much happiness you want literally. It is always a choice that is available for all of us, and yes it can be a hard choice depending on where you are in your life relationships that you already have. You always have a choice, it is up to you and your courage to make change that is positive for you.

You are the one who makes your own choices. No one else is allowed to do that for you, or to browbeat you into something you don’t want to do. So gather up your courage and do what you want to make you happier.

And  Morning Begins

And Morning Begins

A Long Overdue Call

What started my thinking today was a long overdue call from a close friend whom I have not heard from for about a year. I smiled when I heard the voice, it was heavier than it used to be, and a little angry, and a little scared, but the voice trembled with love at the same time. Sometimes you can hear that, you can even hear the heart, the heat in the words as they stammer out. It can indeed be a happy event,  and that conversation really made my day I have to admit.

Ladder of Life

Now there is a tall ladder in front of me. I call it my “Ladder of Life” and it is my choice to either climb the steps to have my happiness in the sun or reject it. I am not going to reject it at all, rather take the first few rungs to explore new days in the sunshine. This is a new feeling that has lain dormant for far too long, one that I always wanted to experience but the other person had to acknowledge it or it wouldn’t work out at all. Sometimes the wait is worth it.

Respect Yourself and Others Choices

We have to wait things out sometimes and respect other peoples choices because life can be a good lesson in self respect and that of others who are in your life. Sometimes they change their minds. Everyone is here for a reason we never know what that is unless you are in agreement with someone else and you have talked about it.

Intuition and What Really Makes Sense

We all have energies, feelings that don’t seem to make sense at first. Later when you think about it what you really thought was true after all. That is your intuition speaking to you through your heart. It always pays to listen to your heart by watching someone elses actions and listening to what they say and do.

Pay Attention to Trust

It is also like trusting your dog whom you love because you have had since he was a puppy. Dogs know peoples actions and have that sixth sense as to if a friend is trustworthy or not. Think about the past, was there ever a person that your dog didn’t like? Always pay attention to your pets likes and dislikes. They can tell you things when you are not paying attention. When your dog gets up during the night and starts to bark you know something or someone is near your house, or on your property. Therefore you know to pay attention to the dog. This is the same thing pay attention to trust, with your dog, and your heart, pay attention to peoples actions and words. Wake up!